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Sue has over 25 years of management experience in Materials, Manufacturing, and Operations Management.  She has an MBA in Production and Operations Management from San Diego State University; earned her CPIM in 1991, CSCP in 2006, CPIM-F in 2013, and CLTD-F in 2017.

Her experience covers a variety of manufacturing and supply chain environments from start-up to high volume, and has worked for companies such as Medtronic, 3Com, Hewlett Packard, JMAR, LLC.  She is currently President of HourGlass Consulting in Santa Fe, NM, focusing on employee development through training and education.

Sue has been an active instructor for APICS and its chapters since 2001, and is an APICS IDP recognized Master Instructor for CPIM, CSCP, Instructor Training, and Advanced Instructor Skills, and an Associate Instructor for CLTD.  She has spoken at various conferences and supply chain events.  Sue currently serves as a member of the APICS Rewrite and Review Committee for the APICS CPIM certification modules.